CLOTHES MOTHS: Early Detection and Prevention

A man holds a torn blue sweater.

In order to avoid clothes moths, it is important to periodically check your apparel and keep the area clean. When it comes to material clothes moths have expensive taste, they are attracted to silk, wool, furs, and leather. Early prevention helps avoid discovering a hole in your only outfit, hours before getting ready for an event. Patience is required to thorougly check all hats, scarves, and apparel for surface tears or holes in fabric. If you wait to long, you may lose your one of a kind favorite sweater. If you value your clothes and want to avoid clothes moths start with these first few steps.

4 Easy Steps to Prevent Clothes Moths:

1. Vacuum the floors, and keep clothes storage areas clean.
2. Periodically take clothes out of closet inspect for holes, and shake them out to check for moths.
3. Make sure the clothes are clean before storage moths prefer soiled and scented apparel, clean clothes are less likely to be damaged.
4. Natural prevention can be achieved by storing natural cedar blocks, soap silvers, and bagged cedar shavings with your clothing.

If you discover an infestation of moths, immediate action is vital to avoid further damage to clothes. The four easy steps work together simoutaneously to make your closet a moth-free environment. Using expert exterminators and implementing the four easy steps will have you saying goodbye to pesky moths for good. Feel free to Contact Pest Pro Exterminators, with any other questions or information we can provide you with about clothes moths.