Get Rid of Silverfish – DIY Tips

A silverfish on a white background.

Although they are harmless, Silverfish are not pleasant to have in your home. They are grayish-blue, serpentine-like creatures that feed on books and other starchy materials. They tend to thrive in dark and damp spaces such as attics and basements. Silverfish infestations can be unpleasant and difficult to exterminate. Here are some DIY tips to get rid of silverfish or help prevent them from infesting your home.

How to Trap Silverfish

Once you have figured out where your silverfish are hiding and living, you can set up traps to bait them. These traps can help you get rid of silverfish infesting your home.

1. Glass Traps

» Take any glass container (such as a mason jar) and wrap it in masking tape or duct tape

» Place a piece of bread at the bottom of the jar

» Place the jar in a spot where you think the silverfish are lurking

» They will climb into the jar for the bread and will not be able to get out due to the slipperiness of the glass

2. Newspaper Traps

» Roll up a newspaper and tie the ends

» Wet the rolled up newspaper and leave it where you have seen silverfish

» Set these traps at night and put out several of them

» The silverfish will eat their way into the newspaper, as it is their perfect environment

» Discard of the newspaper without unrolling it

How to Repel Silverfish

Here are a few easy do-it-yourself ways to repel silverfish from ever becoming a problem. It is important to take preventative measures before you have to start considering how to get rid of silverfish.

Cinnamon Repels Silverfish1. Cinnamon to Repel Silverfish

» Make sachets of cloves and cinnamon (or any other strong smelling spice)

» Place them in your kitchen cabinets to keep silverfish away from your food

» Since silverfish have an aversion to these spices, they are likely to be repelled from infesting common areas of your home

2. Citrus or Lavender Spray

» Get lemon or lavender essential oils

» Dilute with water and shake well

» Spray liberally with spray bottle

» Spray in areas such as closets, drawers, or other bedroom areas

» This is a non-toxic and effective silverfish repellent