Long Island Pest Control – Ants & Crickets

A close up of a brown cricket on a white background.

Pest control problems differ depending on the time of year. Springtime on Long Island brings insects such as camel crickets and pavement ants into your home and to your outdoor entertainment areas. While you are away on vacation or visiting many of Long Island`s beautiful beaches, these insects are invading your spaces. At Pest Pro Exterminating of Bohemia, NY, the majority of our calls this year have been regarding extermination for pavement ants andcamel crickets.

Some clients have no idea what those creepy crawlers are and just want them exterminated. We don`t blame them! Here is some information to hopefully help you identify if these insects are part of your pest problem.

Pavement Ants

The most common ant found on Long Islandis the pavement ant. Their colonies can be found under sidewalks, building slabs, and large rocks. It is important to check your home or building for cracks in the foundation where the ants are most likely to enter. Pavement Ants are drawn to sand piles and soil particles, making the foundation of your Long Island home a prime attraction for these pests.

Pavement Ants feed on a variety of foods such as sugars, nectars fruits, and syrups. They store their food in the nests they build in and around your home. In your home you are most likely to see them active around counter tops and around garbage cans.

Camel Crickets (Cave Crickets)

These creepy little things are called Camel Crickets (also known as Cave Crickets). These are prime Long Island pest problemfor the warmer weather. They invade storage buildings, crawlspaces, basements, garages and indoor areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms. They are attracted to those places where moisture is a problem. These spaces also tend to be the coolest, so the Camel Crickets will go to these spots to beat the summer heat.

Although these critters are relatively harmless, they do tend to frighten people because, frankly, they look like miniature dinosaurs and they can jump rather high! Most people do not recognize them as crickets since they do not chirp like the field cricket. Camel crickets will eat pretty much anything organic they can find so the contents of your entire home is an excellent feeding ground for them.

If you are experiencing any of these pest control issues or others in the Long Island, NY area contact the experts at Pest Pro Exterminating!

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