Helpful Springtime Exterminating Checklist For Bohemia, NY

A variety of colorful flowers in a garden.

Spring has sprung! At least we are hoping that this warm weather stays with us for awhile after a long and cold winter. Pest Pro Exterminating is based in Bohemia, Long Island and we have put together a checklist for homeowners and business owners to prepare for the warmer weather. While us and most of our neighbors here in Bohemia have been doing some “spring cleaning,†it is important to remember a fews things in order to limit your chances of pest or insect infestations.

 Pests such as bed bugs, termites, and silverfish all live and breed in specific environments. It is important that you are not providing an optimum environment for pests to infest your home or business. Spring time on Long Island means termite swarm season. If you see termites swarming, contact us at Pest Pro Exterminating because this means it is too late and you already have a termite problem. If you are not sure if you are seeing termites or flying ants, please check out this page in order to see the difference.

Spring Checklist for Insect Prevention:

  • Clean windows and repair screens
  • Unclog gutters and drain spouts
  • Test sump pump
  • Inspect and maintain laundry room
  • Clean A/C system
  • Change furnace filters
  • Regrade around foundation
  • Clear and replace old mulch