Stink Bugs Make Their Way To Long Island

A close-up image of a stink bug.

Stink Bugs Long IslandAsian native stink bugs are appearing across Long Island sporadically for the past two years. As we prepare for the warmer stages of the season, please take caution with attending to your fruit and plant gardens. The stink bugs are approximately 1.5 centimeters and are multiple shades of brown.

The Asian native “stink bug†first made their way to U.S. in the late 1990`s settling  in over 39 states. Long Island has been forced to adopt the stink bug as the kind of unwanted guest that can`t help but over stay its welcome. Stink bug infestations have been reported all throughout parts of Suffolk and Nassau County.

Although the stink bug does not bite, they do destroy plants and lay eggs in crops. If eating fruit that has fell victim to a stink bug, you will instantly recognize the unpleasant taste. You want to avoid  stepping on the bug at all costs, or else you will be ingesting a putrid odor.

If you notice a few friends lurking in your home the best solution is to immediately vacuum them up and contact Pest Pro Exterminating of Bohemia by clicking here. Pest Pro of Long island can help eliminate reproduction and keep eastern long islands fruit farms safe. The bugs multiply quickly and can lay up to 30 eggs at a time. In order to prevent stink bugs from entering, you should inspect and repair any holes or gaps located in  windows, screens, or doors. If you do not remove the bugs from house they can let out a horrible odor. The stink bugs life expectancy is one year long.

Removal of stink bugs this season is recommended sooner then later, to avoid the lethal mix of warm weather and bad odor. Pest Pro Exterminating specializes in the detection and removal of all insects with locations in Fire island, Suffolk, and Nassau County.

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