• pest pro exterminating long island
  • pest pro exterminating long island
  • pest pro exterminating long island
  • pest pro exterminating long island
Serving All of Long Island & Fire Island
At Pest Pro Exterminating of Bohemia, Long Island it is our goal to not only make the customer happy, but to impress them with our professionalism, knowledge, and personal approach. We start by providing them with useful information and up-front pricing during the scheduling process for pest control and extermination needs. We do not utilize pressure sales either in the office or in the field. We like for them to feel comfortable, thus deeming us the trustworthy exterminating company we strive to be. We then make every effort to provide the most effective pest control during the treatment process by hiring experienced and licensed technicians.

Many pests and insects can damage your home or business, while others carry and spread diseases. It is important to bring in a professional exterminator to assess and fix your pest problem at the first indication of infestation.

Effective Pest Control As a Long Island exterminator, we know that the first step to effective pest management is defining the factors which limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest. For instance, removing the food, water and shelter of pests have a very significant impact on controlling pest populations by itself. Coupled with appropriate chemical control measures, a longer lasting, more significant impact is made.

That's where the knowledge, training, and years of experience help identify and administer the appropriate actions to maximize pest control. Contact the Long Island Exterminating professionals at Pest Pro for all your pest problems!

Bohemia Exterminating Company

We solve common household and commercial pest control problems such as:

» Ants

» Cockroaches

» Bedbugs

» Crickets

» Ticks

» And More!